1. Log in to Grameen Academy with your username and password

2. Click on the course you have registered.

3. You can see yourcourse progress (how much you have already covered).

4.  Then you can see a tabbed course details which has an overview of the course, curriculum, details about the instructor and reviews.  The overview provides how lectures and  quizzes are there in the course, duration (in hours or days or months), skill level (for beginners, advanced etc), language (English, Telugu, Hindi), How many students have completed the course till now and whether certificate can be issued.

5. under the Curriculum details, you can see the sessions and the lectures. Click on the lecture you want to learn or continue with if you have left earlier. We suggest you to go sequentially so that the understanding would be better.

6. In the left pane you can see the list of lectures and when you click a specific lecture you see the course content on the right side. The content is in the form of text, presentations and case studies. downloads, videos (coming soon)

Embeded presentations


once you are done with the lecture, you can click on complete which marks your progress. you can still access the course later as well.

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